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What is Transformation? Jesus graciously empowers us to become like Him. He also expects us to become like Him. For those God foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the likeness of his Son. Romans 8:29 But, what does that transformation look like? What is the definition of a disciple? How do you help […]

Develop Leaders

You Can Develop a Leader In Your Small Group!

Developing A Leader Isn’t An Option Moses, one of God’s champion leaders, prioritized the development of leaders. That priority was significant for the young nation of Israel, as Moses died just before leading them into the promised land. Moses’ investment into developing Joshua as a leader was a key component of Israel’s success. Like Moses, […]

The most important disciple-making shift we must make in our lifetime

A man with two sons told the older boy, ‘Son, go out and work in the vineyard today.’ The son answered, ‘No, I won’t go,’ but later he changed his mind and went anyway. Then the father told the other son, ‘You go,’ and he said, ‘Yes, sir, I will.’ But he didn’t go. “Which […]

Fast Lane Discipleship

Making Disciples & The Fast Lane

Is it really faster in the fast lane? Jesus tells us to love everyone. The Late-Merger makes this a significant challenge for me. You have probably experienced the late-merger yourself.  Let’s say you are driving down a two lane highway and see a sign telling you to merge due to traffic being reduced to one […]

Don't Change my small group

Don’t Change My Small Group!

People who love their small group want that group to stay the same forever.  This is true for long-time, mission-minded followers of Jesus just as much as it is for people who are experiencing the power of group for the first time. I was reminded of this last week when one of the most mission-minded […]

Smartphones, Apps, and Spiritual Next Steps…

Smartphones, their operating systems, and the revolutionary idea of allowing individuals to create apps to work in that system provides a compelling picture of what Westside’s Next Steps process has been designed to do.   In short, each Christ-follower has a unique spiritual code written into them before they are born. Our Next Steps process is […]

You are a Masterpiece! (part 1)

We are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.  Ephesians 2:10 NLT Masterpiece is not a word most would use to describe themselves.  I can’t imagine many of us looking into the mirror this morning and saying “God, you have […]

Bible Reading & Journaling

Staying Engaged With Bible Reading & Journaling!

Have you had trouble staying engaged with your Bible reading and journaling? Almost every follower of Jesus struggles to maintain the habit of Bible reading and journaling. Unfortunately, when the Bible reading and journaling decline, so goes the ability to sense God’s presence and guidance. From my experience, having a specific goal and having some […]

Pray BIG… obey small

For years I have been afraid to pray big prayers.  I was a “safe” pray-er.  When people would encourage me to pray BIG there was always a bit of a check in my guts that I couldn’t really understand.  It stopped me short of really going for it.  Well, it stopped me MOST of the […]

winning with accountability

Winning with Accountability

Winning With Accountability Spiritual development requires honest and helpful accountability. Most of us, however, have difficulty developing this vulnerable spiritual habit. Pride, guilt, and shame, accompanied by our tendency to avoid conflict, inhibit our ability to develop meaningful accountability. Like anything else of great value, accountability is worth the effort required to develop it. I […]