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Smartphones, Apps, and Spiritual Next Steps…

Smartphones, their operating systems, and the revolutionary idea of allowing individuals to create apps to work in that system provides a compelling picture of what Westside’s Next Steps process has been designed to do.   In short, each Christ-follower has a unique spiritual code written into them before they are born. Our Next Steps process is […]

Pray BIG… obey small

For years I have been afraid to pray big prayers.  I was a “safe” pray-er.  When people would encourage me to pray BIG there was always a bit of a check in my guts that I couldn’t really understand.  It stopped me short of really going for it.  Well, it stopped me MOST of the […]


Finding your identity in Christ

Your Identity People find their identity in a variety of things these days.  Some would say it is their occupation, others would say their role in their family and still others may talk about the cause that they are a part of.  If you have found your identity in Christ however, you have opened up […]

winning with accountability

Winning with Accountability

Winning With Accountability Spiritual development requires honest and helpful accountability. Most of us, however, have difficulty developing this vulnerable spiritual habit. Pride, guilt, and shame, accompanied by our tendency to avoid conflict, inhibit our ability to develop meaningful accountability. Like anything else of great value, accountability is worth the effort required to develop it. I […]


I Won’t Say No

“If you put something in front of me God…I won’t say no” How many times have you felt a prompting from God and knew it was Him asking you to take a step of faith?  How many times have you not taken that step?  If you’re like me, probably many.  I’m ashamed to admit how […]

Called to the Dinner Table

“Called” to the dinner table?

From a calling in the corporate world to being “called” to the dinner table Darren had a heart for his family and was trying his best to figure out how to love and serve them.   He also had a zeal to climb the corporate ladder.  Which would win?  Listen in as he shares how […]

Building up an excess of leaders

Building up an excess of leaders

Building up a few leaders The two current catalytic studies in Disciples Made are intended for the building up of leaders in your church.  Disciples Made is all about making disciples who make disciples.  However the process is not easy and it’s definitely not fast.  Westside Family Church in Kansas City, KS has been using these […]

The Bold and The Beautiful

I am a product of the 80’s.  I loved listening to the arena rock of the hair bands, I sported my knock-off “Members-only” jacket, cried when I watched “ET” on opening day at the movie theater, and remember when Prince made it rain purple.  Those were the days. I didn’t have my own car in […]

How Disciples Made Got Started

I have been in small groups all of my adult life. I know small groups are the best environment for life change.  I know healthy groups must multiply for the church to grow deep enough and wide enough to remain an influence on our culture. BUT I DIDN’T KNOW HOW TO MULTIPLY THEM. That was […]

Changed… my story at year 23 and year 44

Year 23. I should have been done with college and starting a career. Instead, I had tears inching down my face leaving a salty taste on the corners of my mouth. The recent top 40 hit, “Place In This World” was repeating for the 7th or 8th time as I laid on my bed in […]