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Raising up leaders

Raising up leaders to help people find their way back to God

Raising up leaders Helping people find their way back to God is key to Restore Community Church.  Their passion for that mission and growth in that mission is evident in the Kansas City area.  However, like most churches, how do you raise up leaders to come alongside what the leadership is doing so even more […]

Bible Reading & Journaling

Staying Engaged With Bible Reading & Journaling!

Have you had trouble staying engaged with your Bible reading and journaling? Almost every follower of Jesus struggles to maintain the habit of Bible reading and journaling. Unfortunately, when the Bible reading and journaling decline, so goes the ability to sense God’s presence and guidance. From my experience, having a specific goal and having some […]

Stories of Impact: Andy Traub

From Standing on the Sidelines to Being on Mission

From Standing on the Sidelines Andy Traub found himself standing on the sidelines and watching after a failed attempt at helping out in the church.  Like many in church he became disillusioned by the demands and how he was gifted.  He wasn’t sure what it meant to be on mission for God. To Being on […]

How Disciples Made Got Started

I have been in small groups all of my adult life. I know small groups are the best environment for life change.  I know healthy groups must multiply for the church to grow deep enough and wide enough to remain an influence on our culture. BUT I DIDN’T KNOW HOW TO MULTIPLY THEM. That was […]