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Disciple Making

Creating a Disciple Making System In Your Church

Four years ago I “faced the brutal facts” about disciple making in our church. We were adding new groups. We were even making disciples. However, we had failed to create a disciple making system that made reproducing disciples. Hundreds of reproducing leaders have been developed since that painful moment. Our disciple making movement is growing […]

Like a Tall Glass of Water

Like a tall glass of water

The 80/20 rule Most leaders in today’s church know the 80/20 rule.  80% of the work is done by 20% of the people attending or 80% of the giving is done by 20% of the members.  With so much stress on these lay leaders in the church, how are you pouring back into them to […]

Building up an excess of leaders

Building up an excess of leaders

Building up a few leaders The two current catalytic studies in Disciples Made are intended for the building up of leaders in your church.  Disciples Made is all about making disciples who make disciples.  However the process is not easy and it’s definitely not fast.  Westside Family Church in Kansas City, KS has been using these […]

Changed… my story at year 23 and year 44

Year 23. I should have been done with college and starting a career. Instead, I had tears inching down my face leaving a salty taste on the corners of my mouth. The recent top 40 hit, “Place In This World” was repeating for the 7th or 8th time as I laid on my bed in […]