Raising the bar on discipleship

Raise the bar

Raising the bar on discipleship

Will people commit to a higher expectation?

Tim Luke is the Pastor of Adult Ministries at Lees Summit Community Church.  Check out the video below as he talks about what it is like to try out a Followers Made group for the first time.  Followers Made is a 26-week study that sets the bar high on expectations; 90-minute weekly meeting, weekly scripture reading and journaling along with reading other books to discuss during the huddle.  Many people see these high expectations and don’t think anyone in their church will submit to them.  However, we have found the opposite to be true.  Many people have been waiting for someone to set the bar higher.

How high will you set the bar?

What about you?  Are you willing to set the bar a little higher and see if the Christ followers in your church have been waiting for such an invite?  Raise the bar on discipleship and see if you can unleash the power of making disciples.

Watch what happened at Lees Summit Community Church